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RemakeCamp Wiki

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First of all, please register at our eventbrite registration page: http://remakecamp.eventbrite.com

For any questions, email Yury yury@yury.name


We are BYOC event: Bring Your Own Computer (laptop, tablet, or smartphone).

We will use online interaction between the stage and the audience.


 RemakeCamp is joining forces with Journalism Innovations III,

Apr. 30-May 2 at the University of San Francisco.

RemakeCamp attendees can register for Journalism Innovations III at http://journalisminnovations.eventbrite.com/


Spread the word


          So if you have a close connections with superstar reporters, editors,

          and online media managers, please help us to invite them!


Event details 



Talk guidelines

Talk abstracts - if you are a speaker, please write 2-5 sentences about your talk

Super panel - add questions you want us to include in super panel discusion

Marketplace - please write there anything you want to promote, offer, sell, or buy

Rideshare - do you need a ride to SF? can you give a ride? Leave your contact info there


Help needed:

  - Onsite registration

  - Food (fruits and water)

  - Video recording (talks video, interviews, live streaming)

  - Writing live notes


Details to determine in future: schedule, brainstorming about the future of remakecamp


Our official description


RemakeCamp: Unconference on future of journalism and online media.


May 2, 2010, 1pm - 6pm

Maier Hall, Fromm Building, University of San Francisco,

2130 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA.


We bring together professional journalists and technologists in the area of

online media to share insider knowledge on the most important topics

of the moment. The unconference is FREE and will consist of 5-minute

talks and an interactive panel discussion (everyone in audience

is answering the same questions in real time). The two main purposes

of the event are (1) to mix journalists with technologists and learn from

the other camp, and (2) make a "brain dump" of key insights and best

practices that participants are willing to share.


There are over 80 people registered now, representing Stanford,

Berkeley, SFGate, Examiner.com, Facebook, Yahoo, Google,

SF Public Press, Spot.us, AllThingsD, GigaOm network, ShareThis,

PBWorks, TwitterTim.es, Meehive etc.

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