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  • Below is the sequence of talks. Default time is 5 minutes. We will have 10min breaks approximately every hour.
  • A speaker can use his time for a talk (default option), q&a, or team up with other speakers for a panel.
  • Check out talk guidelines, and add your annotation to talk abstracts.
  • If you need to move your talk, ping Yury ( yury@yury.name )
  • If you use a presentation it should be on the web BEFORE your talk. Add a link to talk abstracts page.
  • We are still open to accept one or two more speakers.




Moving to the web

    Jolie O'Dell (Mashable)

    Paul Biggar (NewsLabs/NewsTilt)  // skype-in talk

    Chris McCann (Startup Digest)

    Christopher Barr (Yahoo!)

    Alexey Maykov (Facebook)

    Edward Ortiz (Sacramento Bee)

    Anna Hennings (Bitchbuzz.com)

    Michele Gates (SFGate.com / Examiner.com)

    Josh Sprague (Mediactive.com)

    Jason Shen, Devin Banerjee (Stanford Daily)

    Chia Hwu (TheSubtleInfluence.com)

    Andrea Armeni (Emerging Markets magazine )

    Tom Murphy (Newswire21.org)



    Kirill Soshalsky (TwitterTim.es)

    Todd Beaupre (Yahoo!)

    Anu (Anirag) Nigam  (Buzzbox.com)

    Victor Grishchenko (TU Delft)


3:50pm - 3:50pm


Super Panel

  + Yury Lifshits (RemakeCamp /Yahoo!)


4pm - 6pm


Promote anything

   30 seconds for pitching anything (project, job, service, event, meetup) to our audience.



    David Weekly (PBWorks)

    Xavier Damman (Publitweet)

    Siobhan Quinn (Blogger / Google)


Wires and networks

    Jonathan Tepper (Demotix)

    Nicholas Aster (TriplePundit.com)

    Michael Stoll (SF Public Press)

    Stefano Valentino (GlobalReporter.it)

    Scott Rosenberg (MediaBugs.org)

    Zach Kass (CrowdFlower)


Citizen journalism / local journalism

    Alex Gronke (OakBook.com)

    Aimee Allison (OaklandSeen.com)

    Andrew Fitzgerald (Current TV)

    Kwan Booth (OaklandLocal.com)

    Erik Sundelof (Spot.Us)


Freelancing and independent media production

    Mia Lobel (B-Side Radio, Freelance Cafe)  // skyp-in talk

    Mark Albertson (Tech Closeup TV / Examiner.com)

    Josh Wilson (Independent Arts & Media)

    Andrew Stelzer (National Radio Project)

    Mark Burdett (Indybay.org)

    Brian Pobuda (Brian Pobuda Photography)

    Matt Baume (SF Appeal, Stop8.org)

    Crystal C. Yan (Torque Media Group)

    Lorna Lardizabal-Dietz (FilipinaImages.com) // skype-in

    Jasper Gregory (Independent)

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